May 9, 2012
The Economic Backlash of Marriage Inequality

We’ve already heard the argument that marriage inequality is also legislated socioeconomic inequality for same-sex couples. However, states banning same-sex marriages are actively stunting their own economies in more ways than one.

My first point is something that has been tossed around almost jokingly, but has since been validated by affected industries: same-sex weddings and marriages are local economic booms. Weddings stimulate tourism, hospitality, retail, gambling, and ceremony-specific industries — gay weddings more fabulously so. Restricting eligibility for legal matrimony reduces the number of overall weddings and detracts business from these industries.

Secondly, gay couples are more inclined to move to states offering them more liberties — such as civil unions, marriage equality, and workplace benefits/anti-discrimination protection. Every homosexual partnership that leaves a state takes with it a DINK household with more economically-stimulative discretionary funds and few, if any, socially burdensome dependents. Additionally, gay flight is simply another contributor to population decline, which has been a factor in the economic decay of cities in Florida, Louisiana, California, and the Midwest.

It’s astonishing how faith-based discrimination makes it so easy to shoot yourself in the foot while it’s already inside your mouth.

May 8, 2012
To everyone in North Carolina:
Please vote against inequality today.
           xoxo,        —David 

To everyone in North Carolina:

Please vote against inequality today.


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